Where Magic Exists on Earth is Where the Theme for A Gift From Aurth Begins to Take Shape

‘Dreaming’ is by American painter, Josh Keyes. Click here to see more of his work.

In my past posts you’ve read about the magic of Aurth. I’ve explained some properties to describe how it works and I’ve hinted at ways it affects the world of Aurth. What if I told you magic is not a substance only found on Aurth? What if I told you magic exists right here on Earth? It’s not as obvious as the magic of Aurth so you probably have not noticed it. This type of magic is subtle. It’s present in an everyday, ordinary sort of way. To see it, you have to look for it. Even then, it’s not that easy to see because you have to truly want to see it for exactly what it is. This means looking with an open mind and a whole heart. If you look for magic in any other way, such as with an intention of self gain fueled by greed or to use it as a manipulative tool to control others, you will not see it. You will not see the magic because you will not see it for what it truly is. You will only see it for what you want it to be. So before I tell you where the magic is, take a moment to think about how you look at the world around you. Is your mind open? Is your heart full? Are you ready to see the magic?

The magic of Earth can be found in three known places. Magic is alive in
the existence of life. We share magic through the connections we form with one another. Magic is expressed through us when we open ourselves up to the power of creativity.

What exactly does that look like? Here are some examples of where I have seen and experienced magic.


I live on the beautiful B.C. coast of Canada. Going on hikes in this area is one of the most spectacular experiences of my life. As I walk through the old growth forests, I can sense the life-breathing effects of magic all around me. It is present in the trunks of the towering trees, hidden in the layers of moist moss and it beats through the hearts of each creature who calls the forest home. Magic gives a soul to all living things in the forest. The combination of these souls creates the life force of the forest. If left in peace, the magic in the forest will keep it healthy and will create generations of life to come.


When I go to a concert the venue pulsates with magic. This environment is where magic brews and it is were magic is shared between people. Magic is the sense of excitement felt between the crowd, the crew and the performers. The event has brought a group of like-minded people together with a sense of purpose and a common interest.  When the music starts and the beat reverberates against my chest and through my ears, magic is what gives me the urge to dance, to sing and clap. My excitement is felt by the people around me and encourages them to do the same. It’s an infectious energy that spreads through the crowd and gets stronger as each person gives into it. Magic makes us call for an encore and magic is what stops the band from refusing our desire for more.


The words you are reading in this post were conceived through magic. As I write, I open myself up to its creative possibilities. Magic is inspiration and the expression of self.  It gives a visual form to the once unseen, and the unknown, by sparking the light of an idea where there was once only blank, dark space. Channeling the power of magic through my mind and hands allows me to create something out of nothing. In turn, it allows you to absorb the new idea and interpret it for yourself.

Are you beginning to see the magic?

There are many people who do not see magic in the same way. These people would deny the existence of magic all together. When the existence of magic is denied, its value is diminished. When its value is diminished it becomes vulnerable to threats. Fear, control and destruction start to take over.

This is where the theme of A Gift From Aurth begins to take shape. The story is about the value of magic. Not just the magic of the world around us but also the magic found within ourselves. What happens when it’s value is diminished? How does this affect life, connections and creativity? Continue to follow the A Gift From Aurth blog to read how these questions push the theme of the story forward.

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