What’s in it for you? This is what to expect from A.G.F.A. in 2016


In a week, at the end of 2015, the A Gift From Aurth blog will be just over two months old! I know, two months is not very old but I have to tell you, for this two-month-old blogger, it has been a monumental time. I’ve been whipped around on a blogging roller coaster learning curve, had my ego bruised by my lovely editor (she really is lovely) and spent hours tracking down the copyright holders of the images I have wanted to feature in each post. To support my work, I’ve started to make lifestyle changes such as having only two glasses of wine with friends instead of a bottle and carving time out my social schedule to focus on meeting writing deadlines. Most importantly, I’ve taken actions toward making a dream of mine come true.

This is all well and good for me… but what is in it for you?

My most valuable offering is the story this blog is all about. In case you are new to the blog, what is this story? A Gift From Aurth is the story of Theodore Mullens during his time in the magical world of Aurth. People who arrive in Aurth are given a gift from the world in the form of a power. Theodore is the first and only person to arrive and not receive one. The story takes him on a journey to discover why he is the only one without a gift.

So far, through the blog, I have been explaining how the world of Aurth works and have introduced you to a few characters. I plan to continue on this track but what is the point of it all if there is no story to go along with it? Well, starting in the spring, I am going to begin releasing downloadable chapters for you to read! The year 2016 is going to be spent turning the story floating around in my imagination into reality.

The best way for you to find out about these chapter downloads is to subscribe to the blog. Here is a link to the subscription form. Subscribing is the best way for you to get notified when chapters become available to download and read about other Aurth news. (Maybe even a future invite to my book launch party!)

I am looking forward to the possibilities 2016 will bring for both me and you. I learned in 2015 that dreams will come true only if you take steps to nurture them and spend the time required to help them grow. Do you have a dream waiting to be fulfilled in 2016? As I work towards mine, I hope you are inspired to begin, or continue, to work towards yours. Really, that’s what’s in it for us both.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog 🙂

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