Hi, my name is Todd. I am the author of a not yet published, or even really written, book called “A Gift from Aurth”. The story begins when Theodore Mullens is taken to a magical world where the lost, forgotten and discarded of our world end up. This world of our displaced is called Aurth. Many things find their way there but Aurth has an empathetic sentiment towards any human who appears on its soil. When people arrive they are given a gift. This gift comes in the form of a power. There is a man with a breath of fire, a child who can see lies as they are being spoken, a beautiful woman who bends light as she dances and many others who can do an abundance of wondrous gifts. Everyone who goes to Aurth is given a gift. Everyone except for Theodore. When he arrives, he does not receive one. Of course, because of this, an adventure ensues for him to figure out why he is the only one without a gift.

Does “A Gift from Aurth” sound like a book youʼd like to read? I really hope so!

This blog will be about the storyʼs development. Itʼs a platform for me to create its bible of myths, share my inspirations and show the background work that goes into writing the finished story. Iʼll be posting things like character bios, concepts behind the theme, experts from the story and just about anything else it takes to get “A Gift from Aurth” out of my head and onto pages between a hardcover.

Following this blog will mean you are following the journey of two people. One is of a character of fiction, Theodore, and the other is of the man behind the fiction, me. Join me as I write the story of why Theodore is not given a gift from Aurth.

Do you already have some questions? Iʼd be very interested in hearing them. Ask away or share some love in the comment box below.

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  1. A friend of mine posted a link to this on Facebook. I love the description and the idea behind this story and the world you have created. Writing is hard work, and sometimes the fear of evening beginning is that you will put all of your heart and hard work into something and nobody will read it. This sounds like the beginning of something beautiful, and I hope I get to hear more.

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