Turning Something into Someone – The Third Property to Aurth’s Magic – Gives Life

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One of my first posts was about how Aurth is not just the world A Gift from Aurth takes place in; it’s also a living being capable of thoughts, emotions, and interactions with other life forms. The being known as Aurth came into existence from the third life-giving property of magic.

This property says,

Magic is a life-giving force. Its light can bring a heartbeat and a soul to the inanimate. When life leaves the living, it is possible for magic to bring it back.

Aurth’s magic has an affect on life in the same way water, minerals, and vitamins do. Adding magic to an ecosystem is like fertilizing your garden with cosmic electrolytes. When an organism absorbs magic, the magic encourages it to flourish and thrive in extraordinary ways.

I have always been fascinated by the way trees become a home to so many other living things. A single tree can be covered in layers of life: the frills of ferns, a coat of moss and a metropolis of crawling creatures wandering through the crevices of its bark. I imagine trees in Aurth being the same, but what calls these magical trees home would look a little different. A crust of colourful coral could be growing through the mosses. Among the creatures would also be raves of costumed Nims swinging through the branches. The ferns would grow alongside beautiful flowers that bud into bursts of butterflies each day.

It is not only living things that can benefit from magic’s life-giving force. The rarest quality of all magic’s properties is its ability to give life. When magic concentrates in high volumes and a chance combination of coincidental circumstances unfold, magic can turn something into someone. The omnipresent existence of Aurth was given life by the magic that saturates its soil and water. The whole of the planet makes up Aurth’s body. It does not have hands for you to shake or a voice for you to hear, but it has a mind with intentions and a heartbeat at its core. Magic gave life to Aurth in this way, but that is not the limit to its possibilities. You may meet some characters in the story who could have been cast in the service of the beast in the film “Beauty and the Beast.” Magic also has the potential to invite the spark of life back into the body of someone who has died. This does not mean death is non-existent in Aurth. Death is still an inevitable future for everyone who goes to Aurth.

“Gives Life” was the last quality of Aurth’s magic for me to cover in this blog. What do you need that magic could provide? What would you become if magic transformed you? How would the world around you thrive if magic shared its life-giving light? For some inspiration, check out my posts about the other properties through the links below. Share what your imagination comes up with in the comments section or on Twitter.

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