What Would You Become? The Second Property of Aurth’s Magic – Transforms

“Call Me Human” is by collagist extraordinaire Sebastián Delgado. The fluidity of the lines between the two subjects is how I picture the beginning of magic’s transformation. Click on the photo to see more of Sebastián’s work.

In the character description for Jack, I reveal he is a man with claw-tipped fingers and a wildfire of scales spreading across his limbs. How does a human man come to have such features? There are three properties that define how magic in Aurth reacts to its surroundings. Jack’s features come from the second property, “Transforms.” This property says,

Prolonged exposure to magic will cause transformations to occur to the body. These changes reflect the personality, desires, and subconscious of whomever the magic is affecting. It allows them to be who, or what, they truly are.

Basically, what this means is magic will progressively turn people who go to Aurth into something different than what they were when they arrived. What they become is who they truly are.

As a kid, I did not allow myself to buy or read comic books because I was afraid other kids would think I was a geek and not want to be my friend. I tucked an interest of mine away so I had a better chance at fitting in with other people. Have you ever tried to be someone you are not? Or hidden a part of yourself to fit in with others? These hidden parts of us can be unleashed through magic. A change could be superficial, such as a man getting blue skin because he says blue is his favourite colour. But just because the man says his favourite colour is blue does not mean it’s true. His transformation will come from somewhere deep within him, from a part he has hidden away from others and himself. He may have always said his favourite colour is blue, but really it’s pink. He’s just never embraced the colour because he was afraid of how his masculinity would be scrutinized. There is no need for this fear in Aurth. Magic will turn his skin into the brilliant hue of a pink summer sunset blazing across the horizon. Since it is impossible to escape magic’s effects, the colour would be embraced by him and everyone else around him.

Transformations can also come from our past. For Jack, his transformation comes from a childhood fascination with dragons. His happiest memories are from when he was a child in his father’s arms, being told of knights charging fiery dragons in their mountain dens. As Jack grew up, he forgot these fairytales in favour of becoming a mature adult. In Aurth, no one is too old for anything. A man who daydreamed of dragons as a child will become one in Aurth. He may only have a scatter of scales now, but in a few years he could be soaring through the sky with scaled wings.

These are just a couple of examples of the possibilities magic’s transformative property can create. There is no limit to what people can become. What does the true you look like?

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  1. Very intriguing story line…love the art choice that goes with each blog!
    Very ingenious with a flare for matching visual and reading.

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