Is there any hope for “The Lost, Forgotten and Discarded”?

‘XY 78’ is from a series of photos entitled ‘Before They Pass Away’ by photographer, Jimmy Nelson. Nelson travels the world documenting endangered indigenous cultures. Click on the image to learn more about his work.

In the introduction to the A Gift From Aurth blog, I mentioned Aurth being a world for “the lost, forgotten and discarded.” Who or what are the L.F.D.? They are the people, animal, plants and things of Earth that have found their way to Aurth. There is a connection bonding Earth and Aurth together. The connection allows for some from our world to cross over into that world. It is not always open, but when it is, the L.F.D. of our world are transported to Aurth.

Are you wondering why it is the L.F.D. who end up in Aurth? It is because the connection between the two worlds will open as a direct result of negative human actions. When we destroy, kill, neglect or mistreat, the connection opens. As the living things or objects affected by these actions fade and crumble, a piece of them appears in Aurth.

This leads to an assortment of characters and locations for us to encounter during the story of Theodore’s adventure through Aurth. He’ll meet people who were victims of genocide, outsiders of society and people who simply took the wrong way home. The landscape of Aurth is mixed with forests scared from their clear cut, abandoned buildings and heaps of rubbish thrown away to rot. Animals now extinct in our world due to over hunting and habit loss now run free through Aurth.

The lost, forgotten and discarded could be perceived as an idea based on tragedy. This is however not the case because it is an ideas based on hope. A hope for any people, animals, plants or things which find themselves in a situation where they are lost, forgotten or discarded. Instead of finding their end, they find a new beginning. They are freed from their troubles and given a second chance at a life in the magical world of Aurth.

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