The 3 Properties of Magic


“Spark of Life” is a photo series by artist, Mirjam Hümmer.  In her beautiful words, “Everything is energy and interconnected on an electromagnetic level. Invisible to most of us, this life force energy, or chi, or prana, flows through all living things on Earth.” Click on the image to see more from her series.

Magic is the super substance of Aurth. Along with its own list of unique attributes, magic is capable of doing everything familiar substances can do. Magic supports life the way water aids in the lives of all living things by nourishing and purifying. Similar to coal and oil, magic has energy stored within it waiting to be unleashed with ignition. Magic is precious in the way silver and gold are valued for their lustrous rarity. Aurth’s magic can be found in all three states of matter. As a fluid, it is a warm, liquid light you could pour through your hands. When it solidifies, it will form glowing crystallized prisms you could set in a ring like a dazzling diamond. As a gas, magic is an iridescent vapour that drifts through the air in a cosmic mist of star dust. The wonder of magic is something to treasure because it is a non-renewable resource. The amount that exists on Aurth is all there will ever be.

I think of magic as a study of alchemy or chemistry. The way it works and reacts to its surroundings can be broken down and studied. Aurth’s magic is something you could have learned about in your grade school science class. I am not sure what kind of student you were but, do you recall how things such as chemicals and energy have a list of properties used to define them? It’s okay if you don’t. I had to do some Google research myself before writing this post. Some memorable ones I came across are: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed” and “An object in motion stays in motion.” I have been working on a similar list of properties for Aurth’s magic. They will help define how magic affects the world of Aurth and how it will play a role in the story. Here is what I have so far.

***Don’t worry, there will not be a pop quiz at the end of this post!***

The Properties of Magic

1) Provides

The basic needs of life will always be provided through magic. Shelter, food, clothing and more will appear in someway to those who need it.

2) Transforms

Prolonged exposure to magic will cause transformations to occur to the body. These changes reflect the personality, desires and subconscious of whomever it is effecting. It allows them to be who, or what, they truly are.

3) Gives Life

Magic is a life giving force. It’s light can bring a heartbeat and a soul to inanimate objects. When life leaves the living it is possible for magic to bring it back.

What do you think? I have purposely kept the definitions short because in the weeks to come I will write a post on each property to give you some examples of how they work and explain their symbolic value in the story. If you have some questions, good, ask them and share some thoughts in the comments section. I am really curious to hear what you think because your feed back will help me in my writing. Until then, class dismissed 🙂

2 thoughts on “The 3 Properties of Magic

  1. I LOVE property 2 of magic, as a transformative power that is cause physical manifestations of the subconscious; very original and I can’t wait to see where you take it in the story 🙂

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