Nims – The People of Aurth

Nims are the indigenous people of Aurth. They worship Aurth as their mother and god but they do not do so with sermons or prayer. Worship is done through a respect and appreciation for the planet they know as their home. Nims act as the shepherds of Aurth by tending to the plants and animals who live there. If Nims are plentiful in an area, it is a sign of environmental health. However, this can be misleading at times because Nims cannot always be easily seen. They are able to hide and sleep in natural objects such as flowers and rocks.


Nims are humanoid in shape. Their size can vary from one that would fit in your hands to one who could hold you in their hands. They lack any defining features such as eyes or a nose. Their face is simply made up of soft indents where eyes could be and a bump that indicates where a nose could go. They do not have mouths. They sense and eat though their flesh, which feels like freshly kneaded dough that’s been left out to rise. Their bodies are hairless and lack any sort of muscular tone. Nims emit a soft white glow, similar to a neon sign, from their flesh.

Some Silly Facts

As a whole, the Nim race is unorganized and carefree. Their only motivation is to have fun. They are characteristically easily distracted and are unable to sit still. The sound of dripping water in the distance could set a Nim off track for hours. A Nim sitting still is a Nim dancing to a made-up beat in its head.

A group of Nims is known as a rave. A rave forms when one Nim discovers another one dancing. This Nim will join in with the dancing until another finds them and then another. This can continue until hundreds or thousands of Nims join the rave. No one knows what ends a rave, but when it ends, another one will be starting not far away.

I am sure you have guessed, Nims love to dance. They are passionate about practicing any form of self-expression. Everyday of a Nim’s life includes dancing, art, singing and fashion. Aurth is their canvas. Whole forests are full of their sculpture installations and many surfaces are covered in their graffiti. The only aspect of their life that includes competition is in fashion. Nims construct elaborate costumes (especially hats) from natural materials, like shells and feathers, in an attempt to upstage the other Nims around them. This creates many impractical couture pieces that are quickly abandoned after being unveiled. Competition can be exhausting so not all Nims are always dressed up. Some take it more seriously then others and some are just lazy.

Eyes as Big as Plates #Salme (Finland 2012) @ Riita Ikonen & Kroline Hijorth


In “A Gift from Aurth,” Nims represent our inner child. Indications of this can been seen through their actions and the purity of their appearance. They are the part of us we subdue and repress as we enter into adulthood. The Nim inside of you wants you to call in sick to work on a beautiful day or suggests pulling over in your car to have a solo dance party when your favourite song comes on over the radio.

Featured Photo

The photo featured in this post is by Finnish-Norwegian artist duo, Riitta Ikonen and Karoline Hjorth. Their beautiful series of portraits, called ‘Eyes as Big as Plates’, captures images of people from around the world in sculptural costumes inspired by their natural surroundings. This resourcefulness and creativity is what I hope to portray in the Nim society.

Nim Conclusion 

This is really just the tip of the Nim iceberg I have floating around in my imagination. I have considered every aspect of them, including what they eat, their lifecycle, how they marry and even what their cellular structure looks like. It’s way too much for one post, so look forward to learning more about Nims in the future.

Do you ever listen to your inner child/the Nim within? I remember I once gave into a song while I was grocery shopping on a Sunday afternoon. I danced down every aisle and it felt great! Do you have some stories to share? We would all love to hear them in the comments 🙂

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  1. I love dance walking. I listen to my headphones and when i hear a song I love I dance walk. Some times I see other people doing it. I think if we all did it the world would be a better place. It’s the Nim inside of me!

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