Everything You Need Will Always Be Provided For You – The First Property of Aurth’s Magic – Provides

This painting is from a series entitled “How To Disappear” by the artist, Moki. Click the image to see more of her work.

The way Aurth’s magic will react to it’s surroundings can be defined by three properties. These properties are “Provides, Transforms and Gives Life.” A few weeks ago, I did an introduction post on the properties to give you an idea of what each meant. I was vague in the descriptions because I wanted to devote a post to each of them. Today I am going to give you some details and examples of how “Provides” works.

The property states,

“The basic needs of life will always be provided through magic. Shelter, food, clothing and more will appear in someway to those who need it. Nothing more, nothing less.”

This does not mean Aurth is full of free stays at hotels with miles of buffets prepared for you at meal time. Aurth’s version of providing happens as a reactive and surreal change to the environment. The change is dictated by the current needs of whomever is present and in need.

This makes perfect sense to me. Maybe it does to you too, but just in case it doesn’t, let’s go on a little tour of Aurth.

Finding a comfortable place to sleep in Aurth is really as easy as climbing into your own bed at home. As seen in this week’s featured art by Moki, even somewhere as wet, noisy and sandy as the surf could become a bed. If you grabbed at the line where water meets land, you may be surprised to feel it pull back like sheets snuggly wrapped on a freshly made bed. Curling up into the surf would feel as cozy as snuggling up into freshly washed linens, still warm and lavender scented from the dryer. You’d sink into the sand like a newborn sinks into its mother’s loving arms. As the tide rolls in and out, you would be rocked into a deep and sound sleep.

The rumble of a hungry grumble in your stomach could easily be satisfied with a snack found right at your feet. All you would have to do is pick up a rock. I am sure a rock would not be what you are craving but just give it a try. Trust me. Instead of cracking your teeth against a solid piece of bitter stone, your teeth would crunch into the crispness of an apple. Despite the earthly appearance of the rock’s surface, its core looks just as fresh and juicy as any apple picked from a tree in a summer orchard. This rock happened to be an apple. The next one could be a watermelon, or a piece of moist chocolate cake or even a BBQ’ed piece of rib-eye steak. Magic likes to fulfill exact cravings. Do not be worried if you have allergies or food preferences. Magic also takes these into consideration.

The definition of “Provides” includes a disclaimer: “Nothing more, nothing less.” This is because it is impossible to be greedy with Aurth’s magic. It cannot be used for selfish gain or frivolous abuse. Once you got up out of the bed in the surf, the sheets made of waves would collapse back down into the sand. The rocks are just rocks until you are hungry. Once you have had your fill, the ones uneaten will remain as rocks.

In a few weeks I will go over the second property, “Transforms.” Out of the three it is my favorite so I hope you are as excited about the post as I am! Until then, make sure to check back next week for my new post and if you like what you’ve read, subscribe to the blog. Do it by clicking here. It’s the best way to find out about the upcoming chapter downloads.

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