Aurth – A Living Being

“A Gift from Aurth” takes place on a planet called Aurth. Aurth is not just a host for the characters of the story to have their adventure on. It’s a character in it’s own right because Aurth is alive.

Aurth is a planet rich in an energy source we would call magic. Over eons, magic has saturated it to its core. Every grain of sand and every drop of water is concentrated with it. One of the wondrous properties of magic is its power to give life. Not just life to the plants and animals that live there but life to the planet its self. Aurth is a living being. The core of the planet holds its mind and soul. It is capable of hopes, ideas, emotions and cares. Just like you and I, Aurth experiences empathy, feels love and can have it’s feelings hurt. Unlike us, with our bodies of flesh and blood, Aurth’s body is made from mountains and streams.

Aurth’s consciousness is an omniscient force across the planet. Having a presence everywhere means it is aware of everything that happens. This also means, with the help of magic, it can chose to interact with other lifeforms. An example of this would be causing a tree to burst into bloom with ripe fruit to feed the hungry or changing the direction of a road to direct a lost person the right way home.

The idea of magic creating life (or life being magic) has always intrigued me. We live in a world explained by science. We are taught life happens because a complex system exists with our heat beat, our breathe and electronic signals in our brain. Could there be more to it? Perhaps it’s a bit of magic soaked into our core that gives us life.

What do you think? Is there more to it? Share your thoughts or some love in the comment box below.

2 thoughts on “Aurth – A Living Being

  1. Though I love the idea, I am personally scientifically minded. Now, the world is certainly very much alive in ways we don’t think of on a daily basis. Plant life, micro-organisms, even the cells in our bodies. I never taught my heart to beat, my brain to work, or my body to heal, but the cells in my body have intelligence of their own that I never taught them. Even our emotions change the overall health and chemical processes occurring in our bodies. This is similar to the idea of magic you describe in Aurth, and it is something very real. There are also different forms of energy we are exposed to that our eyes can’t see, such as UV rays or even the wind. All of these things have parallels to the magic you describe in Aurth, even if I focus only on the scientific and what we know, but there is always far more that we don’t know. Our brains also have limitations and cannot see or perceive everything that exists. So maybe, in those places, that is where the magic is.

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