Creative Crush – Ira Glass

I’m going to start posting my Creative Crushes. When someone in the creative world inspires me, I want to share their influence, their work and some love.

My first crush is This American Life producer and host Ira Glass. On his radio program, Ira and his team share compelling stories of peoples’ lives based a on selected theme. Themes can be anything from the perils of intimacy to the effects of testosterone levels in people. I like listening to these stories because each one shares the nature of human connection. That connection may be between the people within the story or the connection I feel to the story’s subject. To me, the best stories are the ones we feel inside of us. They help us see a broader horizon in this world, and give us a better understanding of how we fit into it. I’m learning through my own storytelling how difficult it is to naturally build a connection with that power. So for me, listening to Ira do this week after week on This American Life is uber impressive.

Here is a video (the first of four) on Ira’s building blocks for creating a good story. One of my writing teachers shared it with me a couple of years ago. It was the first Ira Glass thing I was exposed to, and he’s been a creative crush of mine ever since.

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