Take a Moment to Smell the Flowers with Tony the Nim

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Do you remember Nims? They are the indigenous race of beings on Aurth who love to dance and craft costumes out of their natural surroundings. Before you continue reading this post, you should probably read my introduction to Nims. Check the post out here. The reason I’m bringing them up again is because I have another main character to share. His name is Tony. He is a Nim of Aurth and he is one of the companions who joins Theodore on his journey to find his gift.

Name: Tony gets its name from Theodore shortly after they meet. Naming individuals is not a part of the Nim culture. Nims simply refer to each other as “Nim.” Not having a name seems odd to Theodore so he begins calling it Tony because he thinks the name suits the little Nim.

Age: Tony is old – really old! Nims have eternal lives. They do not die from old age or sickness. They are, however, not indestructible. Nims can be injured and can be killed. Killing a Nim is an unimaginable act of brutality on Aurth. Since death is rare, most Nims have been alive for eons.

Gift: Nims do not have a gift from Aurth in the same way humans do. They do not have powers. Their gift is their existence and eternal life. Nims were made from the magic of Aurth. It gave them life and in a way, they are magic in a living form.

In the “A Gift from Aurth” film, Tony would be played by child actor Jonathan Lipnicki. He’s the cute kid with glasses from “Jerry Maguire” and “Stuart Little.” CGI magic and a motion action suit would be required to turn this kid into a glowing Nim.

Quirks: Tony is an amputee 🙁

Hobbies: Tony has a love for flowers. Their vibrant colours and wispy aroma fills it with joy. Anytime it comes across a blooming bud, it will stop to smell and admire the flower. It’s favourite colour is pink because it thinks pink flowers smell sweeter than flowers of other colours.

Tony is a collector. It will spend hours foraging for objects, such as pinecones or sea shells, to organize into groups of similar qualities such as size or pattern.

Since Tony is missing half of its left arm, it can no longer do many of the things it used to love. Climbing trees to hang and balance on branches is much harder now. It also cannot craft and weave together costumes with the other Nims. Not being able to create costumes means it cannot participate in Nim costume events at raves.

Physical Description: Tony is one of the smaller Nims at about 2’6”. Its skin is doughy and glows white like the light from a neon sign. Tony’s amputation is about halfway up its left arm. The wound did not heal properly, so the tip is tender and does not glow.

When Tony and Theodore meet, Theodore gives it a pair of sunglasses. Since Tony cannot make costumes like it did before, it wears the glasses with the confidence of a newly crowned prince. The other Nims are jealous.

Origin: Before meeting up with Theodore, Tony was in Nim hibernation under the forest floor. Nims can hide inside organic material such as tree trunks, carpets of moss, or even in the ground. When they start their slumber, the hibernation can last for many years. After losing its arm, Tony went into a depressive state. Being unable to participate in the Nim culture of costuming had a negative effect on Tony’s psyche. Nims are not familiar with emotional pain, so Tony was unable to process its feelings in a constructive way. Being unable to understand its feelings caused Tony to go into hibernation. It had been sleeping for a few years when the sound of a man stumbling over its patch of ground woke it up.

Are you curious to know why Tony is an amputee? When the time is right, I’ll tell you. The tale is not a cheery one. Keep checking back to see what I post next as I develop more of the “A Gift from Aurth” story.

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