Meet Shee the Teleporting, Black Lioness

Photo edited from the original, by photographer, Dirk-Jan Kraan. Click on the photo to see more of Kraan’s photography.

The first Aurthian to come into contact with Theodore is Shee, the teleporting, black lioness. I have to stop myself from telling you about this initial encounter because it’s a HUGE spoiler! I will tell you though, the scene includes a traffic light, the sunset and blood. From this bloody sunset on, Shee is a loyal companion of Theodore during his journey through Aurth.

Within a pride, lionesses are the strength. Their role is to protect and provide for every lion who belongs to the pride. This is exactly what Shee is to the group traveling with Theodore. Not only does Shee provide physical strength, she also inspires strength in those around her with her heroic tendencies and a stoic demeanour. I have not mentioned any trouble in the story, but trouble is coming. When it does, you can be sure it is Shee who will be the first to react and protect those she cares for.

Name: Shee

Age: In cat years? Unknown.

Gift: Teleportation – Shee is capable of transporting herself from point A to point B without physically moving through the space between the two points. Not only can she teleport herself but she can also teleport other living things and non-living things. She does not need to make contact with what she is teleporting to teleport it. When teleporting, a flash of white light implodes in the spot where Shee had been. When she reappears, there is a flash of white light that explodes in the spot she is about to appear in. The same thing will happen with things she is teleporting.

In the A Gift From Aurth film Shee would be played by… Sarabi, Simaba’s mom, from Disney’s, “The Lion King.”

If Shee were a fruit she would be a… summer ripe cherry. (I wanted to be more descriptive in this analogy but it’s impossible to describe a cherry without seeming inappropriate!)

Hobbies: Like most cats, in Shee’s downtime she enjoys basking in the sun, deep stretching and stalking – Nims mostly. This stalking is more of a “hide-and-seek game”, then a, “hunt-and-consume” stalk.

Quirks: Shee has a tendency to disappear into the wilderness at times. Theodore is not sure of where she goes but she will always reappear when she is needed.

Physical Description: Shee’s is coated in velvety, rich black fur. Under her midnight coat is white glowing flesh. Every part of her body emits this light. No part is brighter then her eyes which glow like two full moon orbs cast against a twilight sky. 

Origin: Shee is a creature of mystery. Most people of Aurth know, or know of, each other. No one knows Shee. In fact, she was a nameless figure until Theodore names her. (Shee evolves from him referring to her as “she.” Real creative Theodore!).

So that is my description of Shee. Please, add some comments if you can think of another famous lioness we could approach to play her role in the film or if you want to take a shot at describing a cherry in a “G rated” manor. The words plump and juicy will not work, so do not even try going there!

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