Meet Jack, the Bearded Fire Breather and Flirty Adventurer

Jack is one of the companions Theodore will be traveling with through Aurth. My character intention with Jack is to use him as a way to push Theodore out of his comfort zone. Jack’s demeanor and outlook on life is the opposite of Theodore’s. In Theodore’s bio I described him as stiff and uptight. I would describe Jack as gregarious and whole hearted. This difference in personality will cause tension between the two characters in their initial interactions (made worst by Jack’s enjoyment of teasing “Theodore the Stiff”). However, as the story moves forward, shared experiences and time will bring the two characters together with a strong friendship. Theodore learns, as you will too, it’s hard to not fall in love with Jack.

Name: Jack Monroe

Age: 39

Gift: Breathe of Fire – Jack emits white flames from his mouth. Once the flame has emerged from him, he has a telepathic control over it which he can use to make animated flaming objects, extend the burning period and control the flames intensity. He also has control of the burning effect of the flames. He can make them burn or he can make them warm to the touch.

“The Fire Hole” by photographer, Mathieu Degrotte. See more of his work at or click on the photo to follow him on Facebook

Role: Jack is Theodore’s travel companion and guide through Aurth. He is also the boyfriend of another character I have yet to introduce named Carine.

In the “A Gift from Aurth” film he would be played by… Kristofer Hivju

His friends would say he is… gregarious, flirty, irresponsible, affectionate, whole hearted

Hobbies: Adventurer and cartography. He’s a lover of making and studying maps.

Quirks: His laugh is as robust as his body, always barefoot, will knock the wind out of you with his hugs

Physical Description: Jack is a big, burly, smiling man of Scottish/Norwegian decent. Most of his head is covered in a thick auburn beard and a curly mop of ginger hair. You would scarcely think he had a face at all under it all if it were not for his broad, toothy, grin and piercing eyes. His irises are solid black and aqua marine is the colour of his sclera (the part of your eye which is usually white). He has an intensity about him that is enhanced by flame and ash-coloured scales covering his legs and arms. The scales are unevenly disbursed across his flesh and appear to be spreading from his limbs to the rest of his body. Each of his fingers are tipped with hooked black claws. If it were not for his welcoming demeanor, Jack would come across as a man to avoid and fear.

Origin: Jack comes from a lineage of men who were explorers for the English crown during the 19th and early 20th century. Jack is a thrill seeker who actively, and fearlessly seeks out challenges. During his career, he sailed several times to South America to navigate and map uncharted sections of the Amazonian rainforest. His last expedition, during 1910, took him to a whole new continent where he joined the English race to reach the southern pole of Antarctica. It was during this expedition that Jack’s confidence was outmatched by the elements of Antarctica. He never made it to the pole but he did make it to Aurth. 

What are your first impressions of Jack? Do you love him yet or do you need to get to know him a bit better? Let me know and share some thoughts in the comments.

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