One Man with Ten Thousand Bodies – Jirard Vacher

‘The Cabinet’ comes from Juha Arvid Helminen’s series entitled ‘The Invisible Empire.’ In it he explores the division between people in uniforms and civilians. Click on the image to see the rest of the series.

There have been many people in our world who have been considered evil. They dominate civilizations and command with an asserted dictatorship over the lives of those they rule. What is often forgotten is these evil people rarely act alone. It takes a legion of devotees behind them to enforce their rules and commit their crimes. There is a dominating force in Aurth who is slowly gaining power over the magic in the world. I am not going to get into who that is just yet, but they have an army on their side of just one man. One man may not seem like much of a threat, but this one man is a man with ten thousand bodies. His name is Jirard and he has the gift of self-replication.

Name: Jirard Vacher

Age: 41

Gift: Self-Replication – Jirard is able to create multiple copies of himself. Each of his copies looks, sounds, acts and is every bit the same as the original. Each is able to interact with the world independently, but they are all connected via a telepathic link called the hive mind. This allows the replicas to communicate with each other silently and over great distances. Every replica is able to create additional replicas.

Physical description: Jirard’s body is coated in a black, oil-like substance that renders it impossible to make out any features on his face. When he talks you can see the movement of his mouth under the oil but no hole appears. The substance has hardened into a triangle-shaped sword on his left arm. It starts wide at his elbow and tapers up to a sharp point at the tip. He can use this extension of his body as a lethal weapon or as a defensive block against attacks.

He wears a black leather trench coat with torn-off sleeves (so his sword arm will fit through the arm hole), with black baggy trousers and buckled military boots. Jirard is not a big man, only about 5’5” and 140 pounds. He wears baggier clothing and big boots as a pathetic attempt to look larger.

Before Aurth: Jirard spent his adult life as a loner and vagabond wandering through the rural countryside of France during the end of the 1800s. He did not spend long in any town because he found it hard to find work. The villagers saw him as an ugly and disturbed man. He also carried a secret with him that made him feel uncomfortable staying anywhere for too long. Jirard was a serial killer who killed and tortured victims he found in the rural areas between towns, often the children of farmers working on their family’s land. He had been getting away with it for a number of years until he returned to a village where one of his victims had lived. Someone recognized him as a shady character from his past visit and alerted the authorities. After being captured, Jirard reveled in confessing to his crimes. He was soon executed without a trial.

Hobbies: Jirard takes a sadistic pleasure in killing and harming other things. Hunting Nims gives him a particular joy because they are so easy to take down.

His one love: Jirard only ever loved one woman in his life. She grew up in the same village as him. It started as a small crush, but over the years of watching her and following her, his feelings grew into love and, eventually, as it does for anyone who wants something they cannot have, an obsession. Though he longed to talk with her, he lacked the confidence to approach her or even let her know he existed. It’s not that she was an intimidating beauty or out of his social class; Jirard simply feared she would reject him. He had already been living a life of rejection from his family and classmates at school, and he could not bear to be rejected by her too. One day, when walking home from the store, he turned a corner and walked into her, falling to the ground. It was the sort of natural moment he had been waiting for to introduce himself, but before he could say anything, she started to laugh and walked away. Jirad had never felt so insignificant.

Favorite food: Jirard has an insatiable sweet tooth. He’s the sort of person who has a splash of coffee with their sugar in the morning. His preferred form of sugar is hard candies. He likes to bite down and crunch on the hard pieces instead of letting them slowly dissolve in his mouth.

Napoleon complex: Jirard has never been a leader or a winner. He is the youngest and smallest of eight boys. His older brothers were cruel to him, teasing him for being small and funny-looking. As he entered adolescence, Jirard did not grow to be any bigger than any of his brothers. His size and situation caused him to develop a complex, compensating for his size by being highly aggressive and dominating. He became easily provoked and was a bully to anyone or anything that was smaller than him. This behavior continued to get worse as he became an adult.

Role: Jirard is the henchman for the antagonistic force in Aurth. His army will be hunting and tracking Theodore as he travels through the world. What purpose would they have with a man who has no gift?

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