Character Bio – Theodore Mullens

Theodore Mullens is the protagonist in “A Gift From Aurth.” The story begins with him being taken to the world of Aurth. Everyone who is taken there is given a gift in the form of a power. Theodore is the first and only person to arrive and not receive one. The story takes him on a journey to discover why he is the only one without a gift.

Theodore is, in a sense, me. The idea for his character came to me during a time in my life where I was feeling a great sense of unfulfillment. I was feeling stuck in my job and lacked a goal to carry me forward. I wanted “more” but I had no idea what “more” was. I just knew I had a craving for it. Theodore is a representation of these feelings. He will be dealing with a similar struggle of purpose throughout “A Gift From Aurth.”

Unfulfillment is a universal feeling like happiness or anger. I think it is something we all deal with on different levels and at different times in our lives. I am hoping you can relate to this because Theodore not only represents my feelings of unfulfillment, he represents it for all of us.

Fulfillment is the theme of “A Gift From Aurth”. I am just touching on it now but I will be posting more about it in the future. Until then, let me introduce you to Mr. Theodore Mullens.

Name: Theodore Mullens 

Age: 25

Gift: he does not receive a gift

Role: Story protagonist. You will see him grow from an emotionally closed off and uptight guy into something else entirely. 

In the “A Gift From Aurth” film he would be played by… Michael Angarano

His coworkers say he is… reserved, stiff, a perfectionist, thoughtful

Hobbies: trivia, reading, Netflix, listening to classical music

Item: often wears a pair of headphones

Quirks: insists on being called Theodore, does not like getting dirty, preference for facts over make believe

Physical Description: Theodore will have the average North American male stats. He is an average height, average build, brown hair, freckled face and brown eyes. Theodore feels at ease when his hair is slicked back and his clothes are pressed. This stiffness is contrasted by a softness seen in his kind eyes, shy smile and round chin. People notice this difference, though they often cannot put there finger on it. They can tell something about his appearance does not fit and comes across forced. Theodore does not wear any bright colours or patterns as he feels he would get too much attention in such clothing.

Origin: Theodore was raised by his father and step mother. At the age of 13 his real mother committed suicide. Her passing is still a scar he deals with daily. It effects his relationships with people because he fears being left again. His mother encouraged him to do art and play the piano but once she died her encouragement was gone. His father insistent he focused on academics and often told him he needed to grow up.

What are your first impressions of Theodore? Share your thoughts.

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